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Watch: A Wild Fight Erupted During A Finesse2Tymes Concert - WhatsOnRap

Fight breaks out in Memphis Rapper Finesse 2tymes show

A footage of a confrontation that occurred at a Finesse2Tymes event at club BLVD Nights in Kansas City, Missouri on Friday appeared on Saturday (Jan. 28). (Jan. 27). 

A man in a beige shirt tussles with another individual wearing a black sweater in the video. The man in the black sweater throws wild fists at the fellow on the ground. The two then battle for a while before club personnel and others separate them. Shoving contests take place elsewhere in the film, including behind the turntables and backstage.

The fight took place before Finesse2Tymes was supposed to take the stage. According to XXL sources that reached out to the show's promoter, DJ Rocky Montana. 

He admitted in a comment that he was the one in the video fighting with the opening act who went over his time limit onstage. 

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He stated:"No Finesse had not hit the stage yet. The altercation was between me and an opening artist. The artist (2) went over their stage time and didn’t want to leave the stage. One artist walked up on me and got dropped then as I got my stance back together and waited to see which artist would rush and [that's] when one of the artist tackled me and attempted to hit me while I was down however he wasn't connecting with any punches." However, no injuries were confirmed as a result of the fight.

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