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Tekashi 6ix9ine's Baby Mama Says Beatdown Is Embarrassing For Daughter

Footage of 6ix9ine's violent LA Fitness beatdown started appearing online earlier this week. As a result, countless people have made fun of the artist. 

Although Boosie Badazz reminded everyone that "snitches get stitches," Wack 100 was gracious enough to wish him a "speedy recovery." 

It was stated on Friday (March 24) that the victim is not willing to leave Florida at this time. Yet, those close to him say he has no intention of changing his lifestyle because of one tragic occurrence.

Sara Molina, 6ix9ine's baby mama, is discussing her thoughts on the controversy as the talk about his assault keeps going. 

According to her rep who spoke with TMZ, she is calling her ex's recent antics "sad to see." Realizing that their seven-year-old daughter, Saraiyah, will someday watch the tapes has been very distressing. 

Furthermore, she wasn't entirely blameless in his assault. His co-parent, on the other hand, believes that not having security nearby was a risky move on his behalf, given his laundry list of similar prior troubles.

Earlier in the talk, Molina mentioned that 6ix9ine was pulled from the World Baseball Classic. This occurred as he had been drunk or high at the earlier this month event. "surprised 69 has been walking around like he can't be touched," the rapper's baby mama says. She also believes the beating "proves he's misguided." 

Above all, she is worried about their daughter's safety while her father continues to feud with other artists. Nevertheless, it has also been reported that the 26-year-old has not contacted Saraiyah since late 2022.

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