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Someone Threw Water at Kodak Black During Rolling Loud Set So He Got His Belt Out

During his performance at Rolling Loud California last night, Kodak Black got assaulted with a water bottle. It didn't stop him from wearing his belt during the concert.

Kodak Black performed a lively set at the 2023 Rolling Loud California music festival on Friday (March 3), but it was interrupted by two strange incidents. 

The South Florida rapper ended up wearing an all-black bedazzled leather suit with sharp spikes on the shoulders of his sport coat during his 20-minute performance. Kodak asked a stagehand to go collect his belt at the end of his act.

However, the rapper's DJ began playing "Super Gremlin" just as Yak was about to finish his performance. While waiting for his belt, Kodak joked with the audience, "I'mma spank me a bih." Suddenly, with his back to the crowd, a water bottle was thrown at him, landing on Kodak's leather outfit.

Fearlessly, the rapper began his verse on "Super Gremlin." When someone ultimately brought him his belt, Kodak paused the music and questioned the audience, "Who hit me with that water?" while brandishing the severely spiked belt, as if to humorously insinuate he would give somebody a belt whipping.

Kodak then put on his spiked belt while "Super Gremlin" played in the background. That delayed him a minute since the belt does have spikes on it. Following a few minutes, Kodak removed his shirt and proceeded to perform the rest of the song bare-chested. The event may be seen around the 16:50 point in the video below.

Throughout the end, Kodak Black completed his Rolling Loud act without incident. Yet, it is definitely one of the oddest concert moments in 2023.

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