Latto States That She Was Arrested for Bringing Loaded Gun to Airport - WhatsOnRap

Latto recently claimed that she was arrested for bringing a loaded gun to the Los Angeles International Airport.

Latto use to be flamed on social media, but since she handles the hatred from online trolls like a master, being chastised so publicly and on a regular basis must be taxing. 

While she was previously chastised for collaborating with Dr. Luke on "Lottery," obviously distorting the facts about her desire to perform for free with other female artists, and wearing the same pants twice, the rap diva is now being appropriately chastised for carrying a loaded handgun to LAX. 

She shared the tale on Twitter earlier this weekend, but many were quick to point her that it's not quite the flex she appears to believe.

“Bitches PUSSC ain’t taking NUN!!!” the 24-year-old posted on Friday (March 17) afternoon. “I got [locked] up in da airport… GODDAMN forgot da gun,” 

A follower responded, capturing Latto's attention. "True story!!!" she answered before going on to detail the issue when another follower requested for "further information" regarding her prior arrest ahead of a business trip. "Went to LAX [with] a loaded Glock 17 in my [Birkin]," she said in her post.

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Latto was allegedly put in jail but released after only a few hours.  “Booked a $75K jet to my show in Alabama and still made it on time,” the rapper said. “No cap in my rap TUH.” 

From another tweet, she clarified that the LAX encounter was distinct from another in Atlanta, in which a female officer reportedly continued to attempt to make her "cough hard." She stated on Twitter,

“I was profiled for ‘looking like’ [some] bitch that robbed a n*gga… I’m not no robber man 😂. Jail is NOT for me btw 🥴.”