Tony Yayo Agrees With 50 Cent's Eminem Vs. JAY-Z Take

Tony Yayo has agreed with 50 Cent's claim that Eminem had a bigger impact on Hip Hop than JAY-Z.

Cent stated that Eminem had a greater influence on hip-hop than Jay-Z.

Tony Yayo had time to appear on VladTv. The one who got his start in G-Unit was welcomed and spoke about his appreciation for icons such as Nas and Big Professor.

Yayo was asked to weigh in on the controversy over who has had the greater effect in hip-hop, Eminem or Jay-Z.

Yayo agrees with 50 Cent's point of view.

Yayo agreed with 50 Cent. The latter found that Eminem has a greater impact on hip-hop than Jay-Z. "I mean, for me, I would say I agree because he had the biggest impact on my career," Yayo said of Slim Shady. "For me, I watch Eminem - I mean, any artist who sells 16 million records, that's number one. »

Yayo played diplomacy in also acknowledging that Jay-Z deserves the most of G.O.A.T. “ But I get why people put JAY-Z on top because this guy rhymed Biggie Smalls, he rhymed Biggie, 'Hard Knock Life,' he filled arenas. I can't take praise from JAY-Z or Eminem. »

In the end Yayo recognized that the two artists are simply at the top of hip-hop. " But I do not know. When you look at these lists, it's hard to know who's number one, who's this, who's that. But as long as you're on the list, I guess you're fine. »

You can watch Yayo’s recent interview on VLAD TV below: