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NBA YoungBoy shoots his shot and flirts with LSU star Angel Reese

NBA Youngboy is interested in Angel Reese. The LSU star has just pulled off a tremendous triumph that has sparked a lot of discussion. 

Her hand motions drew criticism, but she also gained followers among hip-hop's elite. Lil Wayne called her a few days before the tournament to wish her and her team luck, but it appears that NBA Youngboy is also engaged in LSU's success, especially on the court or in the booth.

Lil Wayne recently revealed that he is working on songs with Flau'jae, an LSU guard with a budding music career. Flau'jae debuted on The Rap Game at the age of 13 and eventually signed with Roc Nation.

However, with a Wayne feature in the works, it appears like things will only get better from here. Angel Reese, on the other hand, wants to be a video vixen in the future music video. "Just let me be the video vixen," she wrote.

Flau'jae appears to be getting some ad-libs from NBA Youngboy in the future. The rapper took to Instagram, where he looked to be shooting his shot and landing an appearance with Reese

After paraphrasing her tweet, YB responded, "And just let me do the humming." Given that Louisiana State University is near NBA Youngboy's hometown of Baton Rouge, his presence on the album would be nothing short of fitting.

After tweeting, he went on Instagram Live with Angel Reese, who stated he should've shown up to one of her games. Given that he was under house arrest, it seemed improbable that he would have been able to expose his face. She did, however, encourage him to watch her game on Friday, April 7th at 4pm.

Youngboy stated that he will watch the game. Shortly later, Reese rushed to Twitter to celebrate her triumph, making a subtle reference to YB's lyrics. "Who's sliding to tomorrow's parade outside the city?" "WE OUTSIDE,"  She penned a letter. 

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