6ix9ine Speaks Out Against Hip-Hop's Racism Against Spanish Rappers: 'It's Our Culture Too, Man'" - WhatsOnRap

6ix9ine says hip hop belongs to Latinos just as much as it belongs to African Americans

Rapper 6ix9ine is making headlines with his comeback, but not everyone is on board with his new direction. The artist has recently delved into his Latin heritage for his latest two albums, creating anthems fit for stadiums and international radio play. While he is gaining a new following from it, some fans and haters have criticized him for making Spanish music.

In response, 6ix9ine took to social media to set the record straight. He owes his label a Spanish album, which they paid him millions of dollars for back in 2020. However, according to the rapper, the most important reason for making Spanish music is that it's his culture too. He emphasized that Spanish rappers have the right to make any kind of music they want, not just reggaeton.

6ix9ine sounds angry in the video as he defends himself against accusations of being a "culture vulture." He proudly talked about his accomplishments as a Spanish-speaking rapper, such as entering the top 10 on Billboard. He believes that he can dominate the Spanish market just as he did in the English-speaking one.

“You know how many Spanish n*ggas is born and raised… in the whole of New York City? What ya’ll trying to say, Spanish n*ggas can’t eat? When you Spanish, you can only make Reggaeton?” 6ix9ine said. “It’s our culture, too, n*gga…” 

While some may not be on board with his new direction, 6ix9ine is unapologetic and determined to keep creating music that represents his culture and heritage.

Regardless of the opinions on his music, 6ix9ine knows how to stir up controversy and keep his name in the headlines. While his personal life may continue to overshadow his musical endeavors, it's clear that the rapper is committed to exploring new sounds and markets.