DJ Drama Allegedly Robbed in Toronto, The Goons Shout-out Drake - WhatsOnRap

Controversy Surrounding DJ Drama's Allegedly Stolen Chain

Reports have emerged regarding the alleged theft of DJ Drama's iconic chain, as a group of individuals recently surfaced in a circulating online video, proudly displaying the very same chain that supposedly belongs to the renowned DJ

Masked and determined, these suspects brandish the chain with an air of audacity, shouting the name "Drizzy" directly into the camera lens. “That’s what you f**king get for not checking in. Shout out boy Drizzy, eh. Triple Gs, you know how we rock.”

Amidst their display, one of the perpetrators delivers a stern message, emphasizing the consequences of failing to "check in." However, it is essential to note that DJ Drama himself has yet to address these claims.

It's worth mentioning that the bond between Drake and DJ Drama has undergone a significant transformation over the years, evolving from a once-infamous conflict into a resolved alliance. The saga originated back in 2015 when DJ Drama allegedly conveyed to Meek Mill that Drake had enlisted the services of a ghostwriter for his guest verse on the track "R.I.C.O." by Meek Mill.
While the claim of DJ Drama's chain being robbed by certain individuals has gained attention, the true story behind this incident remains a mystery, awaiting DJ Drama's response. 

Meanwhile, the journey of reconciliation between Drake and Drama has exemplified personal and professional growth, culminating in a collaborative effort that surprised and delighted fans. Rest assured, the saga continues, leaving us eagerly anticipating what the future holds for these influential figures in the music industry.

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