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Jack Harlow Faces Backlash for Wearing Bonnet: Mixed Reactions and Support

Jack Harlow found himself in the midst of controversy when photos of him donning a stylish bonnet circulated online, adding fuel to the ongoing discussion surrounding this popular form of protective hair bonnet.

Recently, the talented rapper made a special appearance at the Louisville City Football Club on a sunny Sunday (June 11), where he graciously posed for snapshots with his young fans, radiating his trademark charisma.

Expressing their gratitude, the football club took to Twitter, sharing the heartwarming pictures alongside a message that read, “Thanks for the support, @jackharlow [salute emoji],” It was in this very tweet that Harlow's choice to wear a sleek black silk bonnet was unveiled to the world.

While numerous fans extended their unwavering support for Jack Harlow's fashion statement, there was a vocal majority that swiftly voiced their concerns about his decision to wear a bonnet, commonly regarded as a cherished piece of protective headgear for Black women. Lately, this particular item has sparked intense online debates regarding its suitability for public wear.

Undoubtedly, Jack Harlow may experience a minor setback in terms of losing a few fans due to his unconventional choice of headgear. However, amidst the scrutiny, he can take solace in the fact that he has a staunch supporter in none other than Ludacris, who recently showered the rising star with praise for his incredible rendition of "Glamorous" on the chart-topping track, "First Class."

In an engaging interview with GQ, the esteemed Atlanta rapper delved into his illustrious discography, reminiscing about some of his most iconic songs such as "Southern Hospitality," "Area Codes," "Move Bitch," and, of course, "Glamorous," his notable collaboration with the talented Fergie.

This double-platinum anthem was featured on Fergie's debut album, The Dutchess, released back in 2006. Ludacris candidly revealed that while working on this joint effort, he had to carefully consider the contrasting styles between himself and Fergie. While she exuded a pop-oriented vibe, he embodied a raw and gritty Southern sound, resulting in a truly memorable musical fusion.

Check out some fans' reactions to Jack Harlow’s fashion choice below:

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