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Young Thug Denies Dissing Saweetie On His New Album "BUSINESS IS BUSINESS" - WhatsOnRap

Young Thug Sets the Record Straight: No Diss Towards Saweetie on New Album

Young Thug takes to social media to address the swirling rumors surrounding his track "Want Me Dead" from the highly anticipated album "Business Is Business," featuring the renowned artist 21 Savage. It seems that speculations were rife among fans, suggesting that Thugger was throwing shade at the talented Saweetie. However, the multifaceted rapper promptly took to Twitter on a sunny Saturday to set the record straight and put an end to the unfounded claims.

In a series of tweets, Young Thug clarified the misunderstanding, emphasizing that his intentions were never to diss Saweetie. With a touch of humor, he tweeted, ", "Her name is Saweetie. I said sweetie. #BusinessIsBusiness."  This candid explanation was just the beginning, as Thugger went on to shockingly reveal that the track in question was actually crafted six years ago, adding a fascinating layer of intrigue to the entire situation.

However, keen observers quickly noticed the absence of Gunna from the roster, which is bound to ignite further speculation about the dynamic between the two artists. As fans eagerly explore the intricacies of "Business Is Business," they'll undoubtedly dissect every lyric, searching for hidden meanings and intimate connections that may lie within the songs. Young Thug's undeniable magnetism continues to captivate audiences worldwide, leaving them hungry for more and eager to unravel the layers of his artistic vision.

Young Thug's recent Twitter clarification not only dispelled the misconceptions surrounding his track "Want Me Dead" but also added an unexpected twist by revealing its age. With the release of "Business Is Business," the acclaimed rapper has cemented his position in the industry while leaving fans to wonder about the curious omission of Gunna from the album. As his musical journey unfolds, Young Thug's enigmatic persona and unparalleled talent continue to enthrall and fascinate us all.

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