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Young Thug's Brother, Unfoonk, Faces Extended Prison Sentence for Probation Violation.

In a recent court ruling, Quantavious Grier, popularly known as Unfoonk and the brother of rapper Young Thug, has been sentenced to nine years and six months in prison for violating the terms of his probation related to the YSL RICO case.

During the hearing, Judge Ural Glanville expressed strong disapproval of Grier's actions, particularly his recent arrest for possessing an illegal firearm and ammunition.
“The issue that I find aggravating in this particular circumstance are several. You got arrested with a gun within six (6) months of you being placed on probation and I agree with the state that you are not a candidate for probation. All you had to do was complete your probation and do what you are supposed to do. Instead, you were riding around in the car with a gun in violation of your probation and what this court explicitly had a conversation with you about.”  judge said. 
The judge emphasized that Grier's release conditions explicitly prohibited him from possessing a gun. The District Attorney's office presented evidence showing that Grier acknowledged having a firearm and violated multiple stages of his probation, including the possession of a Glock 9 found in the car he was driving.
Based on the evidence presented, the judge concluded that Grier had indeed violated the conditions of his probation, as outlined in the petition. The judge rejected Grier's lawyer's submissions to consider reducing his sentence by two years, citing aggravating factors such as the proximity of the firearm arrest to the start of Grier's probation and his failure to comply with court instructions.

Addressing Grier directly, the judge emphasized the seriousness of his actions, highlighting that he had a duty to fulfill the terms of his probation. Instead, Grier was found driving a vehicle with a firearm, which directly violated the explicit instructions provided by the court. Consequently, the judge decided to revoke Grier's probation and imposed a sentence of nine years and six months.

Grier's arrest took place on May 4 when he was charged with multiple offenses, including possession of a firearm as a convicted felon and association with a criminal street gang. The arrest occurred after police stopped the vehicle he was driving, suspecting a possible drug deal. During the search, officers discovered a handgun in plain view within the driver-side door panel. The subsequent police report revealed that Grier had knowledge of the firearm's presence.
Furthermore, it was revealed that the gas station where Grier was arrested had been under surveillance by law enforcement due to its alleged association with criminal gang activity, specifically linked to the YSL organization.

Grier was one of the eight defendants involved in the YSL RICO trial, and last year he entered into a plea deal. He pleaded guilty to one count of violating the RICO Act and an additional charge of theft by receiving stolen property. Initially, he had received a sentence of 12 years, with two years commuted to time served, and the remaining 10 years suspended to probation.

However, with the recent violation of his probation, Grier's sentence has been revised, resulting in his current term of nine years and six months in prison. The case serves as a reminder of the consequences of probation violations and the importance of adhering to the terms set by the court.

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