A$AP Rocky Throws Shade at Ian Connor During Rolling Loud Miami 2023, Ian Responds in DMs - WhatsOnRap

Rocky's Fiery Diss of Ian Connor at Rolling Loud Miami 2023 Triggers DM Clash

ASAP Rocky, there was tremendous excitement and curiosity surrounding his performance, especially with rumors swirling about a long-awaited album release, titled "Don’t Be D*mb," expected to be showcased that evening. However, little did the crowd know that they were in for more than just a taste of new music.

During his electrifying set, while performing a throwback favorite, "Telephone Calls," ASAP Rocky delivered some surprising lyrics that caught the attention of hip-hop enthusiasts worldwide. In what seemed like a moment of candid expression, he appeared to diss two prominent figures in the industry, ASAP Bari and Ian Connor. The crowd was left in awe as he rapped,  “Call up Young Lord ASAP Bari, he a b**ch / And that young boy, Ian Connor, he a b**ch,”

The unexpected call-outs fueled speculations of a potential beef between the artists, and as is customary in the age of social media, the news spread like wildfire. However, in the wake of such rumors, Ian Connor promptly sought to set the record straight. He reached out to the New Yorker, questioning the validity of the claims. "F**k this about?" he DM'd, seeking clarity from Rocky himself. The response he received was rather ambiguous, as Rocky playfully remarked, “[You probably] won’t believe me lol, word to tho, can’t blame u if u don’t.” 

Eager to put an end to the confusion, Connor pressed ASAP for further explanation. In a gesture of transparency, he shared a screenshot of their conversation on his Story, demonstrating his earnest desire to clear the air. Rocky candidly explained, "They runnin wit dat, I jabbed @ bruh and 4got the lyrics mid-sentence. Listen closely, ‘He da shit.'" It became evident that there was no ill intent behind the lyrics and that the situation was merely a momentary mix-up in the heat of performance.

The "Fashion Killa" emphasized that no animosity existed between them, saying, “Don’t feed into that yung, no plea coppin’ but u know u good in my book. We ain’t on dat type of time.” With Connor's name cleared privately, he then urged Rocky to share the truth with his fans, who were eager to know the story behind the apparent diss. Connor candidly shared his frustration, saying, "I look Brazy, even if it’s mistaken. I been out here doing good, staying sucka free to minimal bullshit and now I’m all over the place for you taking shots at Bari. Instant karma maybe, but I can’t digg that."

In the initial hours after ASAP Rocky's mesmerizing Rolling Loud set, the internet buzzed with discussions about the perceived shade thrown at Travis Scott. However, with the clarification on the Bari and Connor situation, the spotlight shifted, making fans ponder on the intricacies of hip-hop drama and the impact of lyrical expression on relationships within the industry. 

Amidst all this, some fans expressed their concern and disapproval of Rocky seemingly referring to Rihanna as his "b**ch," stirring conversations about the boundaries of artistic expression and respecting public figures.

ASAP Rocky's performance was undeniably a rollercoaster of emotions, igniting discussions on multiple levels beyond the music itself. As the hip-hop community continues to dissect and analyze every aspect of his set, one thing remains certain: his ability to captivate the audience and keep the world talking is a testament to his enduring talent and magnetic presence in the music world.

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