Drake Begs J. Cole For Album Feature During ‘It’s All a Blur’ Tour in Montreal - WhatsOnRap

Drake's heartfelt plea to J. Cole for a collaboration sparks anticipation among fans.

Drake, without a doubt, stands tall as one of the most prominent figures in the music industry. However, even with his immense stature, he remains humble enough to seek collaborations with a select few artists.

Drake, the Canadian rapper holds a deep admiration for a handful of his peers in the rap game, and one such individual is the incomparable J. Cole. It comes as no surprise that Drizzy holds the Dreamville rapper in high esteem, and it's evident that their mutual respect runs deep. 

Nevertheless, a distinction lies between the two artists: Cole rarely engages in collaborations, while Drake generously extends his creative strength, particularly to emerging talents.

During the momentous It's All a Blur Tour, which saw Drake and his tour partner, the ever-impressive 21 Savage, grace Montreal, Canada, with their presence, the fervent crowd was in for an electrifying surprise. 

Amidst his captivating performance, the OVO frontrunner seized the moment to summon J. Cole onto the stage, igniting an uproar of exhilaration among the audience.

Addressing the mesmerized crowd, Drake exclaimed, “Montreal, I want you to understand something,” Drake said. “It takes somebody that really not only loves the art of this shit, but really loves all of you to get on a plane, come here for two nights and represent for Montreal. So make some mutha****ing noise for my brother, all the way from the ‘Ville, he goes by the name of Jermaine Cole. I need you to get as loud as you can!”

Bringing J. Cole on stage was not the sole unexpected move executed by Drake on that fateful night. In a bold and impulsive act, the rap luminary beseeched his North Carolina compatriot to include him as a featured artist on Cole's forthcoming album. 

The audaciousness of Drake's request was amplified by the fact that he chose to make this proposition in front of the entire audience, fully aware that such a moment would undoubtedly ripple across the vast expanse of the internet.

While Drizzy busies himself with the final preparations for his highly anticipated album, For All The Dogs, it appears that his aspirations lie in securing a coveted spot on J. Cole's project. 

Known for his penchant for releasing solo projects devoid of any features, Cole's decision to invite Drake into his creative realm would mark a significant departure from his established norm. Could this collaboration serve as the catalyst to shatter the notion of a feature-less Cole project? Only time will tell.

Expressing his desire on the grand stage, Drake queried,“Maybe I could get on the album?” Drizzy said on stage, prompting Cole to respond saying, “N***a!”

Finally, after a brief moment of palpable frustration, J. Cole, unable to resist Drake's relentless appeal, delivered a more direct response, exclaiming,  “Say less, goddammit!”

Over the years, Drake and J. Cole have nurtured a profound friendship, forged in the crucible of their simultaneous rise to prominence and the lasting impact they have made on the hip-hop landscape. 

While the Canadian rapper has undoubtedly achieved greater commercial success, their names consistently surface among the pantheon of hip-hop legends and unquestionably stand as two of the greatest rappers of their generation. As a lyricist, Cole has etched his name in the annals of rap history, captivating audiences with his profound wordplay and thought-provoking verses.

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