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Lil Baby Says Female Rappers Are “Running The Game Right Now”, Named Nicki Minaj As His G.O.A.T. Female Rapper - WhatsOnRap

Lil Baby recognizes the power of female artists in the game.

In the current rap music scene, Lil Baby acknowledges the undeniable prominence of women. They have taken center stage and delivered some of the most remarkable rap hits of the year. Among these talented female artists, Ice Spice has been making waves with her breakout year, already securing four top-10 hits on the Hot 100 chart

Notably, two of these hits were collaborative efforts with the iconic Nicki Minaj. Demonstrating her own prowess, Nicki also introduced her solo track, "Red Ruby Da Sleeze," which quickly climbed into the top 20 earlier this year. Additionally, she joined forces with the rising star Sexyy Red on the potential chart-topper, "Pound Town 2." May witnessed the rise of two more female rap sensations, Cardi B and Latto, who debuted impressively at #13 with their empowering anthem, "Put It On Da Floor Again."

During a recent interview on the acclaimed show "GOAT Talk," produced by Complex, Lil Baby openly discussed the phenomenal presence of women in rap music today. With genuine admiration, he expressed,  “It’s like crazy, crazy female artists right now, for sure,” And Lil Baby is entirely correct, as we continue to witness the ascent of exceptional talents such as Coi Leray, Glo Rilla, Kalii, Doechii, and Lola Brooke, all of whom have also made their mark on the Hot 100 this year. 

Lil Baby said: “Females like running the game right now,” Indeed, females are undeniably running the game, as Lil Baby astutely observes. When asked about his personal favorite female rapper, it comes as no surprise that he confidently affirms, “Yeah, I’d say Nicki Minaj for sure.”

The collaboration between Lil Baby and Nicki Minaj is not a novelty. The dynamic duo released two electrifying singles together just last year. "Bussin'" and "Do We Have A Problem?" stormed the airwaves in consecutive weeks, solidifying their status as some of the most monumental hip-hop crossovers of the year.

Recently, Lil Baby graced us with his latest offering, the captivating track "Merch Madness." In an intriguing partnership, the song emerged as a collaboration with the renowned sports merchandising company, Fanatics. It's worth mentioning that Lil Baby was spotted at a star-studded 4th of July extravaganza hosted by none other than Fanatics' CEO, Michael Rubin. 

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