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Quavo's Sunday Night Yacht Investigation: Alleged Strong-Arm Robbery Probed
This past weekend brought Quavo into an unexpected entanglement with a police investigation. The Miami Beach Police Department confirmed that the renowned "WORKIN ME" hitmaker was on board a yacht in the area when an alleged strong-arm robbery incident occurred on Sunday night, July 23rd.

According to accounts, two men, Cornell A. Whitfield and Anteneh A. Workeneh, aboard the same boat as Quavo, became exceedingly aggressive with the captain and the crew. At that moment, the employees calmly reminded the individuals that their rental time was coming to an end. 

However, instead of easing the tension, one of the aforementioned individuals started making severe threats, including threats of harm and even murder, ultimately escalating the situation further. 

Shockingly, the agitated partygoer even resorted to taking the captain's wallet and phone from his pocket. Prompt action was taken when the yacht's owner was notified, and law enforcement was immediately contacted.

Upon the arrival of the authorities at the scene of the alleged crime, "several males were detained," Quavo being among them. However, the exact nature of his involvement in the incident remains unclear. 

Sources have indicated that the 32-year-old artist was seen with his hands restrained with zip ties while the police conducted their search. Subsequently, he was released, leaving the scene accompanied by his entourage, who made a discreet exit in a convoy of imposing black SUVs with tinted windows. Witnesses noted that he was flanked by a vigilant bodyguard and a lively group of women.

As a result of conflicting statements and the complexities surrounding the incident, no arrests were made at that particular time. Nevertheless, Quavo's devoted fans are still excitedly discussing his forthcoming Rocket Power release, which was recently announced. In a tantalizing teaser, the Atlanta native addresses Offset's claims regarding their relationship and, not long after, joins forces with Future on a captivating Russell Wilson diss track.

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