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50 Cent Playfully Mocks Busta Rhymes' Oversized Chain Backstage

50 Cent and Busta Rhymes are undoubtedly reveling in their dynamic camaraderie as they embark on a thrilling joint tour. A recent behind-the-scenes clip captures their infectious bond, demonstrating the genuine enjoyment they share on this musical journey.

The two iconic rap figures, hailing from the heart of New York's music scene, took the stage at the illustrious PNC Music Pavilion in the charming city of Charlotte, North Carolina, on a vibrant Wednesday evening (August 16). This monumental performance is a pivotal part of 50 Cent's remarkable Final Lap Tour, commemorating the remarkable 20-year anniversary of his groundbreaking debut album, "Get Rich or Die Tryin'.

What added an extra layer of energy to the backstage atmosphere was the presence of the enigmatic DaBaby. Amidst this convivial setting, 50 Cent playfully teased Busta Rhymes about the magnificently colossal chain gracing his neck. With a spirited grin, he good-naturedly quipped that Busta's circle of friends might not be entirely candid with him about the sheer grandeur of his jewelry.

A spirited chuckle escapes 50 Cent as he jests, "Tell him the chain's too big!" This candid moment was shared through a video that found its way onto 50 Cent's Instagram page, a snippet of their captivating camaraderie. "Tell that n-gga his chain's too big! He's got no friends looking out for him," 50 Cent playfully continued. The amusing banter about the opulent chain's size isn't exclusive to 50 Cent; it seems even Jim Jones, the seasoned rapper from Dipset, was taken aback by its lavish proportions. During an encounter in Las Vegas back in May, Jim Jones couldn't help but voice his astonishment, sharing,“That [chain] is fucking retarded,” the Dipset rapper said. “That shit look bigger in the daytime, ya heard? That shit look like it’s growing.”

Amidst the high-spirited exchanges and the magnetic pull of their undeniable chemistry, Busta Rhymes has taken on the role of one of the opening acts during 50 Cent's awe-inspiring Final Lap Tour, an endeavor that kicked off with exuberance in the month of July.

A more recent video, posted online for their enthusiastic fanbase, unveiled an incredibly heartwarming moment. Busta Rhymes, a powerhouse performer, took a heartfelt pause to shower 50 Cent with genuine admiration and appreciation during a tour stop in the vibrant city of Toronto. As this poignant scene unfolded, a multitude of individuals, including the illustrious producer Boi-1da, bore witness to the deep-rooted respect and mutual regard that permeates the backstage environment.

This joint odyssey undertaken by 50 Cent and Busta Rhymes not only showcases their unparalleled musical talents but also offers a window into their authentic connection, highlighting the shared laughs, the genuine camaraderie, and the profound respect they hold for each other's artistic prowess. As they continue to grace stages across the nation, their resonant performances are matched only by the genuine warmth they exude, making this tour a true celebration of friendship and musical excellence.

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