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50 Cent's Reaction to Chris Tucker's Revelation of Michael Jackson's love for "In Da Club"

50 Cent found immense amusement in Chris Tucker's recent revelation about the late Michael Jackson's fondness for his iconic track "In Da Club."

Taking to Instagram on a Monday, the prominent figure from G-Unit shared a post containing an old joke from Chris Tucker. The joke recounted a moment when the comedian hung out with the legendary King of Pop. 

According to Tucker's account, he and Michael Jackson were cruising in a car when the pop icon enthusiastically expressed his love for 50 Cent's "In Da Club." Not stopping at mere admiration, Jackson began to sing and even beatbox the song.

As per Chris Tucker, the situation took a humorous turn when MJ started rapping the song's lyrics, leading the comedian to playfully protest, "'Michael, Michael, no! Don't sing the words. Please,' I said." Tucker went on, recounting Jackson's response, "'I love that song, Chris! I love that beat. I love it, Chris. That is a cold-blooded beat. Of course, I wouldn't go in the club with a bottle full of 'bub, Chris. I wouldn't do that! But I love that song!' 'It doesn't sound right, Mike.' 'I know but I love it!'"

In his Instagram caption, 50 Cent expressed his own amusement at Chris Tucker's humorous recollection, stating, "😆yo chris is crazy 🤦‍♂️who didn't like that one 🤷🏽‍♂️LOL #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi."

Interestingly, 50 Cent has been recently compared to the King of Pop himself. During a New York concert as part of his Final Lap Tour, 50 Cent surprised the audience by bringing out J. Cole as a special guest. Cole took the opportunity to hail the Queens native's groundbreaking debut album, "Get Rich or Die Tryin'," and boldly asserted, "Get Rich or Die Tryin' is the best album of all time I don't give a fuck what you talking about. It's Get Rich or Die Tryin' at number one, and it's Thriller at number two, and I love Michael Jackson."

This amusing exchange between Chris Tucker's anecdote and 50 Cent's response only adds to the layers of the iconic impact of "In Da Club" and 50 Cent's lasting influence in the music world.

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