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Benzino Alleges He Blocked Eminem's 5 Mic Rating in The Source Amid Feud

In a recent episode of Math Hoffa's My Expert Opinion, Benzino, known for his involvement in the rap world, delved into the depths of his infamous feud with Eminem. Shedding light on how the feud unfolded, Benzino revealed his role in blocking Eminem from receiving a coveted five-mic rating at The Source, and contemplated whether the Detroit rapper's assault had truly hindered his career trajectory.

Benzino openly acknowledged his engagement with Eminem's diss track "Nail in the Coffin," disclosing his genuine appreciation for its musicality. "I liked it," Benzino confessed. "The beat was dope and he killed that shit. He deserved...every piece of success he got, he earned it." Despite the artistic acknowledgment, Benzino asserted his self-confidence, unshaken by Eminem's attempts to discredit his street credibility. He recalled, "None of [Eminem's] shit really affected me because while he’s trying to discredit me as a street na, I know I’m a street na." This sense of self-assuredness served as a protective armor against the barrage of diss tracks hurled his way.

Benzino then ventured into the heart of his feud's epicenter, The Source magazine. As an influential figure within the publication, he elucidated his decision to thwart Eminem's elevation through a five-mic rating. "So how the fuck am I gonna have this na in my magazine? … You’re not gonna put nobody in your magazine and give this na five mics after this n***a’s being disrespectful," Benzino stated, shedding light on his principled stance amidst escalating tensions.

Addressing the inception of their conflict, Benzino claimed partial responsibility for its eruption, citing a single line from one of his mixtape tracks. Despite this, he remained uncertain of how Eminem became privy to it.

Notably, Benzino's 2012 apology for the feud was highlighted. Reflecting on the nature of his dispute with Eminem, he expressed regret for his past actions. "Em is a great lyricist and he should be able to express himself in hip-hop as anybody should," Benzino acknowledged, recognizing Eminem's influential role in the genre's diverse landscape.

The roots of Eminem and Benzino's feud trace back to 2002, when Em's music underwent critical scrutiny in The Source. Benzino accused Eminem of appropriating hip-hop, initiating a flurry of diss tracks. Benzino's retaliatory songs "Pull Up Your Skirt" and "Die Another Day" ignited the conflict further, inviting Eminem's fierce responses through tracks like "Nail in the Coffin" and "The Sauce."

As Benzino peeled back the layers of his feud with Eminem, the complexities of ego, artistic expression, and industry dynamics came into sharp focus. This candid exploration not only revealed the multifaceted nature of their rivalry but also illuminated the intricacies that can fuel and define rap battles within the music world.