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Fat Joe Reacts to Melle Mel Dissing Eminem Says: “Don’t Block Your Blessings” - WhatsOnRap

Fat Joe speaking at a music event.

In a recent turn of events, the legendary Melle Mel's unexpected diss towards Eminem sparked a reaction from none other than the iconic Fat Joe. This revered figure in New York hip-hop, who himself has risen through the ranks, shared a crucial message during a live stream. A message that reflects his concern for the pioneers of the genre and their tendency to find themselves in needless troubles.

As he reflected on the dynamics of the old school hip-hop community, Fat Joe expressed his admiration for Melle Mel, an OG whom he looks up to. However, he acknowledged the unpredictable paths some of these pioneers take, often standing in the way of their own success. The Eminem battle saga, as seen from Fat Joe's perspective, is truly a wild ride, leaving him in a state of disbelief.

It's a phenomenon that has left Joe puzzled. These trailblazers, with their invaluable contributions to the hip-hop world, sometimes seem to sabotage their own opportunities. Fat Joe, a living testament to the support and guidance he received from these very pioneers, doesn't take his achievements lightly. He recognizes that his journey wouldn't have been possible without the foundation they laid.

He takes a moment to recount a vivid anecdote, a situation where a pioneer was about to receive the honor of having a block named after them. A significant tribute, indeed. Yet, the stipulation was a demand for 50 grand in cash. The sheer audacity of it! Fat Joe vividly remembers the tense moments leading up to the event, with everyone wondering if the pioneer would show up. The result? A new sign with the grand title of "Hip Hop Boulevard" or "Hip Hop Way." The block-naming happened, but not without a dose of drama, revealing a side of the industry that can sometimes impede progress.

As Fat Joe's words resonate, it's clear that he cherishes the pioneers. He's seen too many situations that might have gone even worse. False pride, he emphasizes, is a roadblock to growth. It's easier to deflect responsibility, to point fingers at those who've reached higher levels of success. Yet, the real path to personal growth, to collective prosperity, lies in introspection, acknowledging missteps, and evolving.

He has a heartfelt plea for the pioneers who've paved the way: don't block your blessings. The bag is there, waiting to be seized. Hip-hop, this vibrant art form that unites and inspires, doesn't have a union, doesn't have a structure to ensure the welfare of its forebearers. It's a point he drives home passionately. Fat Joe understands the debt of gratitude they deserve because the hip-hop world as we know it today wouldn't exist without their foundational contributions.