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Eminem Earns "Rap God" Title: Fat Joe's Perspective

In a comprehensive interview with Rap Radar, Fat Joe bestows upon Eminem one of the most profound accolades imaginable. The artist, renowned for his unabashed appreciation of Eminem's remarkable rap prowess and immense impact on the culture, reaffirms his stance.

Notably, Fat Joe recently engaged in a spirited dialogue with Melle Mel, wherein he fervently elucidated Eminem's exceptional prowess and, somewhat cringing, reacted to Melle Mel's Eminem diss. And now, Fat Joe amplifies his admiration with unequivocal words:

"Eminem’s a god! I don’t give a fuck who you, what you think. He’s a god. Somebody who shifted the whole algorithms when he came out. I remember me and Big Pun… Big Pun was the first Latino to sell 2 million records solo, we nominated for Grammy and the night before we go to the Grammys, we are waiting on line in LA in Tower Records for the fucking Eminem album. Nominated for the Grammy, me and Big Pun on line to get that motherfucking Eminem album. You tell me he ain’t a Rap God. You understand what I’m saying? So it’s like, you know, I respect everybody who put their contributions to this game."

This is far from unfamiliar to Fat Joe, who consistently brings it up because it epitomizes Eminem's staggering influence and emphasizes the imperative of recognizing his talent and skill for what they are, irrespective of critics' positions in the hierarchy.

The narrative Fat Joe conveys not only celebrates Eminem's monumental impact on the industry but also accentuates the enduring legacy of an artist whose transformative contributions have solidified his position as a true Rap God.

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