French Montana Asked Akon Why He Wore Fake Dior Jacket During Drink Champs interview - WhatsOnRap

Image of French Montana and Akon discussing the Dior jacket on Drink Champs.

French Montana has unveiled the mystery behind the question that had fans buzzing, all surrounding Akon's eyebrow-raising Dior outfit, or as it hilariously turned out, "Di Rio," on a recent episode of the popular show, Drink Champs.

On that intriguing Thursday (August 10), the Moroccan rapper treated his Instagram followers to an entertaining video featuring none other than the "Locked Up" hitmaker himself, where the fashion blunder was humorously discussed.

With a playful tone, French Montana couldn't resist posing the question that was on everyone's lips, “Yo Akon, man. N-ggas wanna know, where did you get that Drio from?”  The query was ripe with anticipation, setting the stage for Akon's confident and witty response.

"The 'Drio' came from one of my Africans," Akon confidently stated, underlining his unyielding support for his African comrades. It was a masterful move, a clever nod to unity, as he revealed the deliberate intent behind the seemingly "mistaken" fashion choice. “I’m always supporting my Africans. We go hard for each other. I knew that shit was gon’ raise engagement. It only take one person to notice, and it’s gon’ go crazy on the internet and it did exactly what we wanted it to do.”

Akon didn't stop there; he dived into the comments section with a playful spirit, doubling down on his unapologetically bold black and white ensemble. “[crying laughing emojis] Promised my Africans I was going to represent for them with that DRIO [crying laughing emojis],” he wrote. “Kept my word. Shouts to lil Senegal in Harlem. Walla Bok!!!!!” he jovially shared, nodding to the vibrant spirit of unity that underpins his style.

In the caption, French Montana revealed that he saw himself as a conduit of curiosity, fulfilling a global civic duty on behalf of fans across the map.

“HAD TO ASK MY BROTHER AKON THE QUESTION EVERYBODY WANNA KNOW ! WHERE HE GOT THAT DRIO SWEATER FROM [crying laughing emojis],” he enthusiastically penned, capturing the collective wonderment that had taken hold.

The saga didn't stop with French Montana and Akon; enter Symba, who had some light-hearted jesting to add to the mix. Recalling Akon's recent fashion gaffe on the Drink Champs interview last month, Symba humorously noted, “That bitch say ‘Di Rio.’ I thought that was a Dior joint," accompanied by infectious laughter and disbelief. Symba's quick wit was met with agreement from those around, with someone chiming in with the inevitable, “That n-gga’s shit say ‘Di Rio.’ That n-gga Akon out of pocket. I fuck with my n-gga Akon, but this n-gga’s out of pocket, man. Di Rio!”

The online roasting session was well underway as fans eagerly joined the chorus of amusement, sharing their takes and adding their own spice to the flavorful exchange. It's moments like these that show how laughter and camaraderie transcend borders and languages, uniting fans around the world in a joyful embrace of the lighter side of life.

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