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50 Cent Responds to Mic Mishap and Lil Wayne's Sudden Exit.

50 Cent has finally broken his silence on Los Angeles show that's been making headlines. During this concert, which is part of his Final Lap Tour, 50 Cent accidentally struck an audience member with a malfunctioning microphone. To add to the drama, Lil Wayne, slated as a special guest, reportedly bailed out just moments before his scheduled performance.

In response to the audio mishaps that marred the concert, 50 Cent took to Instagram. He posted headlines about Lil Wayne's audio troubles during a Beyoncé show, along with news about Wayne allegedly leaving Fif's own show.

"👀Damn only thing left is Taylor Swift's show. I fired everyone involved in the audio department, if the mic don't work your ass don't work here," Fif wrote as the caption on his post. However, the veteran rapper didn't delve further into the show's events, instead opting to promote his upcoming show in Mountain View in his next Instagram post.

As for Lil Wayne, he has yet to release a statement regarding his reported departure from Fif's show just before his scheduled appearance.

Adding more fuel to the fire, the microphone-throwing incident during the show led to 50 Cent being named as a suspect in a battery case by the LAPD. This incident unfolded when Fif, seemingly frustrated by malfunctioning microphones, hurled one into the crowd. Unfortunately, it struck Power 106 host Bryhana Monegain in the head, resulting in a severe laceration. Monegain later shared images of her injuries on social media, showcasing the nasty cut and her blood-soaked attire.

The aftermath of this concert continues to generate headlines, further underscoring the event's controversial nature and the challenges faced by both 50 Cent and Lil Wayne.

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