Lil Wayne Leaves 50 Cent Show After Being Pushed By Backstage Member - WhatsOnRap

Lil Wayne Storms Out 50 Off Cent's Show.

Things took an unexpected turn at a recent 50 Cent show, where not only did the rapper hit an audience member with a microphone, but Lil Wayne also made a swift exit before his surprise appearance. Sources revealed to Page Six that Wayne had prepared to take the stage but was abruptly pushed aside by backstage staff, causing him to leave the event. 

Although Lil Wayne managed to shine in another performance later that week as part of a different superstar tour, fans were undoubtedly disappointed to miss out on his unique flair during 50 Cent's show.

While Nas, YG, Chris Brown, and Tyga delivered memorable performances at the event, Lil Wayne's sudden exit was a letdown for many. Neither Lil Wayne nor 50 Cent's representatives have commented on the incident as of now. 

The concert was a part of the Final Lap Tour and was held at LA's Arena. The tour is scheduled to conclude its North American leg in Toronto at the end of September, with a grand finale set for New Zealand in mid-December.

However, 50 Cent's troubles seem far from over. In the aftermath of the microphone-throwing incident that left Power 106 host Bryhana Monegain injured, the LAPD has named 50 Cent as a suspect in a battery case. 

Frustrated with malfunctioning microphones, 50 Cent tossed one into the crowd, accidentally hitting Monegain in the head and causing a significant laceration. Monegain later shared images of her injuries on social media, highlighting the severity of the incident.

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