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Chris Brown Claims to Have 15,000 Unreleased Songs Reserve

Chris Brown's Staggering Claim: Over 15,000 Unreleased Songs

In the realm of unreleased music, artists like Playboi Carti and Lil Uzi Vert have sparked a secondary market. However, one artist, Chris Brown, takes it to another level.

During a recent appearance on Shannon Sharpe's podcast, he boldly claimed to have a staggering 15,000 unreleased songs in his vault. While Brown is known for his prolific output, this number stretches even his own standards.
In another podcast appearance, Brown fondly recalled opening for Beyoncé on tour back in 2007. Amidst the buzz surrounding Beyoncé's ongoing Renaissance tour this summer, Brown expressed admiration for the iconic singer, hailing her as the "GOAT." He emphasized how closely he observed her stage presence to refine his own performance.
The comparison between Brown and the legendary Michael Jackson also emerged. 50 Cent shared a painting on Instagram depicting Brown receiving a crown directly from Michael. This post drew both praise and criticism from fans, igniting a spirited debate.

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