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 Why Was Drake Labeled As An 'Evil Mastermind' Following Bobbi Althof's Deleted Interview? 

Controversy About Drake's Deleted Interview with Bobbi Althoff

In a baffling turn of events, Drake's podcast interview with Bobbi Althoff vanished from YouTube, sparking a whirlwind of speculation. A TikTok sensation, @PhotogSteve81, recently unveiled a theory that might shed light on this enigma, suggesting that Drake potentially held sway over the episode's destiny, employing what he called "corporate bullying."

During the interview, the 6 God, amidst the beats of Tyga's "Rack City," seemingly wove a strategic move. @PhotogSteve81 surmised that Drake, recognizing that Universal Music Group held the reins to this track, could have coerced them into issuing a stern ultimatum: relinquish all gains from the interview or face its removal due to copyright infringement.
The TikToker detailed the sequence, “Drake paid her travel to come to his location,” the TikToker began. “Negotiated where his team would produce, film and control mostly everything about the podcast.

He added, “He then goes on to play Tyga’s ‘Rack City.’ He specifically leaves it playing and airs a very long clip in the episode which now appears to have been his leverage he planted in the beginning.”

Continuing, he explained, “Drake’s team reached out to Universal Music Group which owns the rights to ‘Rack City’ and filed a copyright strike against Bobbi’s podcast. They filed it under the terms that YouTube has with Universal Music."

“This meant that all of the proceeds from the podcast would have to be turned over to Universal Music or Bobbi would be facing a very large lawsuit… Bobbi’s team, realizing they would not be able to monetize their biggest podcast in history, decided to pull the podcast.”

The aftermath of this incident has been shrouded in silence, with both Drake and Bobbi Althoff keeping mum about their apparent falling out, culminating in them unfollowing each other on Instagram.

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