JAY-Z Gets Roasted On ‘Blueprint’ Anniversary Over Eminem ‘Washing’ Him On ‘Renegade’ - WhatsOnRap

Eminem's Verse on 'Renegade' Sparks Banter on 'Blueprint' Anniversary

JAY-Z, an undeniable legend in hip-hop, continually finds himself in the shadow of a single track where Eminem arguably eclipsed him on his own record. This discussion endures, persisting even as years pass and both artists continue to etch their names in hip-hop history.

On September 11, a day marked by the tragic attacks that shook New York City 22 years ago, Hip Hop Twitter seized the moment to humorously revisit this debate. Interestingly, it was the same day he released 'The Blueprint,' an album that would become an iconic cornerstone in his career. 
However, one track from this album, "Renegade," has become synonymous with Eminem's lyrical prowess seemingly overshadowing Jigga's, a point that fans haven't forgotten.

Just a few months back, Big Gipp shared his thoughts, asserting that Eminem's presence made JAY-Z cooler, and Slim Shady delivered the superior verse on "Renegade." In an interview with The Art Of Dialogue, Gipp underlined Em's monumental impact, especially among demographics and communities that resonated with his unique style.

Gipp's reflections breathe new life into the everlasting debate surrounding Eminem's verse on "Renegade" and its enduring significance within the context of JAY-Z's remarkable legacy. The track remains a focal point in hip-hop history, sparking conversations that continue to shape the narrative of these two iconic artists.

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