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 Lil Wayne's New Album 'Tha Fix Before Tha VI'

Lil Wayne Teases New Project 'Tha Fix Before Tha VI' as Prequel to 'Tha Carter VI'
Lil Wayne has sent fans into a frenzy with a mysterious project titled 'Tha Fix Before Tha VI'. While an official announcement is pending, the rapper's Twitter and Instagram bios sported a pre-save link, hinting at an imminent release. The forthcoming album features striking red-themed artwork, reminiscent of Wayne's 2011 mixtape 'Sorry 4 The Wait'. This move mirrors his strategy for 'Tha Carter IV'. Though the release date is shrouded in secrecy, the live link on streaming platforms suggests it's right around the corner.

Wayne initially teased 'Tha Carter VI' during a Young Money reunion at Drake’s October World Weekend festival in Toronto last year. Since then, he's dropped potential pre-release singles like "Kant Nobody," produced by Swizz Beatz and sampling DMX, and "Kat Food," a clever reincarnation of a classic Missy Elliott track.

Earlier this year, Wayne spoke candidly to Rolling Stone about his distant memories of previous albums. He admitted, “I’m going to be so honest with you: I don’t know Tha Carter III, Tha Carter II, Tha Carter from Tha Carter IV. And that’s just my God’s honest truth. You could lie, you could ask me [about] such and such song, I wouldn’t even know what we talking about. So it holds no significance to me at all.”

He went on,“Nah, I don’t even know if that’s when Tha Carter III came out. That’s how much I don’t know. I work every day, bro — every single day. And also, I always look at it as the curse part of the gift and the curse. I believe that [God] blessed me with this amazing mind, but would not give [me] an amazing memory to remember this amazing s**t.”

Wayne has been active in the sports arena. Just last Saturday (Sept. 16), he stood behind coach Deion Sanders and the Buffaloes in Boulder, Colorado, witnessing their overtime victory against in-state rivals Colorado State, with a final score of 43-35.

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