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Chrisean Rock Calls Blueface's Proposal a Stunt, Claims Ring Was Made for Her

Chrisean Rock Voices Doubts About Blueface's Engagement, Suggesting Possible Motives
Earlier this week, Blueface took a significant step by defining his relationship with Jaidyn Alexis, the mother of his first two children. Their journey started back in high school, and since then, they've navigated through various twists and turns together. However, things took a turn when Blueface crossed paths with Chrisean Rock on the set of Blue Girls Club in 2020. This encounter led to an on-and-off relationship with Chrisean, culminating in the birth of their first child just last month. Following Chrisean Jr.'s arrival, it became evident that their turbulent relationship had reached its conclusion when Blueface proposed to Jaidyn at a Rams game.
While their engagement has stirred some controversy, most fans are pleased to see the couple take this significant step. Nevertheless, there appears to be one person who is less enthused about the development. Chrisean Although the new mother asserts that she's unfazed, she recently took to Instagram Live to share her thoughts on the engagement, suggesting that she believes it may have been a publicity stunt.

"Can I be honest?" she inquired of her viewers. "I think that whole situation might have been a publicity stunt ... you know very well that was my ring." Chrisean continued, expressing that she's embracing a "new" version of herself lately and will allow social media users to draw their own conclusions going forward.

Chrisean isn't the sole voice of skepticism regarding the couple's engagement. Detractors have also insinuated that Blueface's proposal to the "Barbie" rapper might be a strategic move to address some of the $13 million he owes in damages from a strip club shooting.

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