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Blueface Disrespects Chrisean Rock on Secretly Recorded Phone Call

Chrisean Rock Leaks Phone Call with Blueface, Ignites Controversy
On Saturday, October 28, the day kicked off with Chrisean Rock making headlines by leaking a personal phone call between herself and Blueface. Alongside this, she made accusations about Blueface being emotionally affected by her involvement with Lil Mabu, a narrative she's been vocal about across social media platforms. 

In response to the over five-minute video shared on his co-parent's Twitter page, the California native took to his own profile to vent about Rock. However, this post was later deleted.
Blueface expressed his frustration, stating, "I've never seen a female more delusional, record me on the [phone] literally telling you I don't f**k with you. Stop talking about me on Live 😂." Assuring concerned followers who may not want to see the pair reconcile, he added, "That's literally how I talk to her every time." The 26-year-old was straightforward, making it clear that there's no sweetness in their interactions. He openly wondered, "Like, how do I get this young lady off my d**k?"

In addition to addressing their personal matters, Blueface took a jab at Rock's musical career, claiming she "sold out a gas station parking lot with 20 people 🥱." According to the "Thotiana" hitmaker, her recent lack of sales is what's driving her to seek his attention so fervently. 

Blueface even injected some humor, sharing, "I'm finna call my jeweller. You wanna troll fr? Watch this... B**ch got dentures for the rest of her life thinking she can compete with my wife 🥱," all the while showing appreciation for his first baby mama.

Since giving birth to Junior on Instagram Live just last month, Chrisean Rock has been contemplating expanding her family further. The 23-year-old expressed her and Lil Mabu's desire to have their own child. More recently, she's been trying to cast doubt on Blueface's engagement to Jaidyn Alexis, alleging that they've engaged in unprotected intimacy since the proposal.

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