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GloRilla Responds To DJ Akademiks Calling Her An Idiot

GloRilla Fires Back at DJ Akademiks in Heated Exchange Over Kai Cenat Feud
GloRilla wasted no time firing back at DJ Akademiks after he criticized her for the ongoing feud with Kai Cenat. She didn't mince words, asserting, "Telly tubby looking ass bitch you never know what you talking about 😂😂😂. Stop speaking on millionaires b-tch. Akademics you or yo h-e can’t whoop me & I’ll put 100k on dat Pooh bear looking ass b-tch you got da right one dis time 😂😂😂. Mrs puff looking ass ho," Glo clapped back in a series of tweets.

Akademiks had publicly called her out after she hinted at potentially unblocking Cenat. He didn't hold back, exclaiming, "Glorilla is a F-cking Idiot.. She really think Kaicenat is locked up. Her label must have humbled her stupid ass in realizing… Bih.. u aint bigger than the program.. and Kaicenat is valued way more than u. She tried to cop a plea to him but tried to diss me in the process. LMAO. Glorilla is officially a GOOFY.. she said her and Kaicenat beef is some street shit lol.. This CHick is literally delusional…. Yo Gotti. deactivate her twitter. @GloTheofficial ur a f-cking moron. LMAO. u have street beef with KAICENAT?" Akademiks vented in a pair of tweets earlier today.

Glo initially blocked Cenat after he delivered a harsh critique of her song "Cha Cha Cha". Admittedly, Cenat's feedback was unvarnished, even expressing feeling "betrayed" by the Memphis rapper's latest track. Furthermore, Glo addressed her decision to block Cenat during a recent Instagram Live session. She firmly stated, "Don't come on my Live asking me about nobody I done blocked. They blocked and they gonna stay there. You made your bed you gotta lay there," conveying her standpoint to the audience.

However, Cenat promptly turned her own words against her. Amidst his ongoing prison livestream, he reacted in real time to Glo's comments. In short, Cenat is not inclined to mend fences or extend an olive branch. "You made your bed you better stay there. You made your bed, you better stay there!" Cenat emphatically declared as his crew erupted in support.

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