SZA Discusses Her 'Childish' Relationship With Drake: ‘It Wasn’t Hot and Heavy or Anything’ - WhatsOnRap

SZA Reflects on Romance with Drake Claims It Was So Childish

SZA Shares Insights on Brief Romance with Drake
In a recent feature with Rolling Stone released on October 3, SZA opened up about her past romantic entanglements, shedding light on a brief fling with Drake more than a decade ago, emphasizing that it was never intended to be anything substantial.

While discussing her dating history, the Grammy-winning artist confessed, “I hate being a long-term bitch,” disclosing that she recently concluded a six-year relationship. SZA also touched upon her experiences with more casual dating, prompting her to reminisce about her time with Drake. They briefly connected when she was frequently in New York during the late 2010s, but their connection never progressed beyond a youthful infatuation.
The 33-year-old singer emphasized that they were both in their early days, describing the romance as "youth vibes" and characterizing it as rather "childish."

Fast forward to 2020, and Drake surprised fans by revealing their past involvement in his track "Mr. Right Now" alongside 21 Savage and Metro Boomin. This revelation stirred up a buzz in both social media and the entertainment industry, not only because of the celebrity status of the two artists, but also due to speculation regarding SZA's age at the time, given that Drake claimed they were together in 2008. The episode added an intriguing layer to their shared history.

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