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Coi Leray Dismisses Chrisean Rock's Claims, Accuses Her of Seeking Clout in Phone Incident

Coi Leray Clears the Air on Alleged Phone Incident, Embracing Positivity Amid Drama

Coi Leray swiftly countered Chrisean Rock's recent interview claim that a phone was hurled at her face. Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, on Friday (Nov. 3), Leray refuted the allegation, stating, "Never got hit in the face with a phone in my life."

In a subsequent tweet, Coi expressed skepticism, dismissing it as "click bait" and suggested she's uninterested in perpetuating drama. She wrote, "Don’t believe the [cap] [blue cap emoji]." Adding, "Click bait be so corny. But whatever helps push the 'brand' do what you gotta do. S**t get old and tired after a while. I'm 26. The drama is just so f**king corny to me at this point. Stay blessed [heart with stars emoji]."

While Leray didn't name anyone directly, her tweets might have been a response to Chrisean Rock's recent claims on The Jason Lee Show. Rock alleged a rift with the "Players" rapper, accusing her of trying to pursue Blueface and backing out of a collaboration.

According to Chrisean, "I thought she wanted to do a collab on some music, but really she was just trying to out me out the plan and bag my n***a and some other s**t." This apparent betrayal led to a falling out between the two.

Further details emerged from Rock's side, asserting an encounter on a tour bus earlier this year, during which a phone was allegedly thrown. "She know we not cool. You can ask anybody that was right there. N***a, I took out my phone, I'll buy a new one, I threw that b***h at her face...She just wanna sit in my face and smile. I ain't know what it was. But I didn't give a f**k what it was."

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