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After DJ Khaled, Eminem Gifts 'Mom’s Spaghetti' to Fat Joe as Well

'Mom’s Spaghetti' Sauce, A Gift to Fat Joe Revealed on The Chazz Palminteri Show
In an engaging conversation on The Chazz Palminteri Show, Fat Joe and Hollywood legend Chazz Palminteri explored the Bronx upbringing, music careers, hip-hop influences, shared friends, life-changing anecdotes, and their journey to success. Amidst the rich discussion, Fat Joe disclosed a unique gift from Eminem— jars of 'Mom’s Spaghetti' sauce.

During the interview, Fat Joe expressed his surprise and gratitude for Eminem's thoughtful gift. Eminem recently announced the launch of his "Mom’s Spaghetti" Pasta Sauce on social media, and when it became available on the official website, it sold out within hours.
“You know my brother Eminem just pulled out a ne sauce and its called ‘Mom’s Spaghetti.’ He sent it to my house I swear a god. He has a sauce available called Mom’s Spaghetti!”  Fat Joe excitedly shared.

Praising Eminem's greatness, Fat Joe remarked, “He’s the best. He is phenomenal. He’s too great. You cant’ stop him. He’s too great. He’s like an alien. He’s amazing.”Chazz Palminteri chimed in, sharing his initial astonishment upon hearing Eminem rap, recalling,  “I do not know him well but I met Dr. Dre a nd I got to know him a little bit through Jimmy Iovine and I met him bunch of times. And he would tell me, when he first heard Eminem rap, it was like ‘WHAT THE F–K?!’ Yeah, he is like an alien.”

This revelation about Eminem's unique gift adds another layer to the artist's multifaceted persona, extending beyond his musical prowess.

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