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LL Cool J Reveals In a Video That Eminem Sent Him "Mom's Spaghetti  Sauce" As a Gift 

LL Cool J Thanks Eminem for Mom’s Spaghetti Pasta Sauce Gift

LL Cool J recently took to social media to express his gratitude to Eminem for a special gift a jar of Mom’s Spaghetti Pasta Sauce. In a video shared on Friday (November 10), LL thanked the Detroit superstar for the culinary present, anticipating a delightful deviation from his usual diet. 

LL conveyed his excitement, stating,“Yo, once I hook this up, I’ma tear it up, baby. I appreciate you. I’m gonna have to go left on my diet for a minute but it’s all good. I appreciate you man. Let’s get it. And I had fun at the restaurant in Detroit."

The rapper-actor extended his appreciation to Eminem, reminiscing about a pleasant dining experience at a restaurant in Detroit. LL concluded the video with a friendly sign-off, saying, “See you soon, baby. Peace.” Keeping the caption short and sweet, he wrote, “@eminem Thank you B!!”

Em's Mom’s Spaghetti Pasta Sauce made headlines last month when the Detroit icon introduced it to the world. While some fans were eager for new music, the announcement received mixed reactions. Nevertheless, LL Cool J's shoutout indicates a genuine appreciation for Eminem's culinary venture.

In the realm of music, LL, a pivotal figure in Hip Hop, recently had the honor of inducting DJ Kool Herc into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in the Musical Influence category. Herc recognized as a founding father of hip-hop, DJed the iconic party that marked the birth of the genre on August 11, 1973. LL praised the impact of Hip Hop, stating, “It’s a culture that changed my life and changed the lives of millions and millions of people.”

This recognition aligns with Hip Hop's 50th anniversary, highlighting the enduring influence of the genre. The ceremony celebrated DJ Kool Herc's pivotal role, emphasizing the cultural significance of the party that laid the foundation for the global phenomenon known as Hip Hop.

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