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Fat Joe Encourages His Son to Explore Careers Beyond Rap

Fat Joe's Fatherly Wisdom: Discouraging His Son from Rapping and Encouraging Entrepreneurship.
Fat Joe, a heavyweight in the rap scene, has tasted immense success, but interestingly, he doesn't envision his children following in his musical footsteps.

The Bronx-bred MC recently joined the United Masters x Earn Your Leisure panel at Art Basel in Miami, delving into a conversation about his four children. 

While expressing his desire for his daughter to pursue a career as an accountant, Joey Crack candidly shared that one of his sons harbors aspirations of becoming a rapper, a prospect that doesn't sit quite right with him.
In good humor, Joe laughed off his son's musical ambitions, offering paternal advice, "You know my son, he’s trying to be a rapper. He’s aight. I said, ‘Listen, if [any of your uncles] tells you that you’re going to be a big rapper when I die and takes your money to make an album, they’re full of shit. Keep the money, buy a business, do something. Do not take the money I leave you to be a rapper. That’s not for you.'"

Fat Joe's oldest son, Joey, is uniquely inspiring as he grapples with autism and relies on a wheelchair. In a previous interview with The View, Joe affectionately referred to him as the "Don Of The Family," highlighting the profound impact Joey has had on their lives. "He inspires me. He’s such a blessing in our life, he’s almost like an angel," the rapper expressed. "It’s the gift that keeps giving, little Joey, and I’m so proud of him."

Fat Joe took on the role of a single father at the tender age of 19, raising Joey with the support of his parents. Reflecting on this intense journey of fatherhood in December 2021, he shared, "Life is full of surprises. I was just a kid at 19 years old when I had Joey."

"It was one of the scariest days of my life. Doctors said he wouldn’t be normal and kids like this are hard to deal with. Not once did me and my family think of giving up on Joey. He’s my jr. It’s a lot of work, a constant sacrifice that parents make to keep their children happy and, most of all, safe. I’ve always kept Joey out of the limelight because there are bad elements out there, and I never wanted him exposed to that."

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