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DJ Akademiks Sparks Heated Exchange with Metro Boomin

DJ Akademiks vs. Metro Boomin: Social Media Sparks Fly in Explosive Verbal Showdown Over Personal Revelations
In a candid episode of his podcast "Off The Record," DJ Akademiks stirred a social media storm on Saturday (Dec. 30) afternoon. The controversial media personality left no stone unturned as he delved into a tumultuous chapter of his personal life, recounting an incident where his ex-girlfriend allegedly pilfered $500,000 in cash from his residence.

The revelations quickly circulated on various platforms, triggering a response from Metro Boomin, a known adversary of Akademiks. Notorious for their public spats, Metro Boomin added fuel to the fire by liking a post summarizing the tumultuous events described in the podcast. 

The post highlighted Akademiks' ex-girlfriend's alleged actions, including smashing an egg on his face, cutting his Wi-Fi during a live stream, injuring his mom's hand by slamming a door, infidelity, orchestrating a home invasion, and absconding with a hefty sum from multiple safes in his home.
Unsurprisingly, Akademiks didn't take the shade lightly. In response to Metro Boomin's social media endorsement of the post, Akademiks fired back with a series of incendiary tweets. He labeled Metro Boomin a "bch a n**ga" and challenged his integrity, accusing him of avoiding confrontations in the past.

Akademiks escalated the online feud, taking a jab at Metro Boomin's alleged reluctance to respond to Drake and implying insensitivity regarding the producer's posts mourning the loss of his mother.

 Akademiks Goes Off On Metro While Streaming:

As the verbal exchange intensified, Akademiks doubled down on his fiery rhetoric, branding Metro Boomin a "sucka n**ga" and a "tweet deleter," insinuating a lack of authenticity. He accused Metro Boomin of being overly sensitive, throwing stones while hiding behind the guise of deleting tweets. Akademiks concluded his tirade with a stern warning to keep his name out of Metro Boomin's online engagements.

Despite being tagged in the tweets, Metro Boomin has yet to respond to Akademiks' inflammatory comments. The history between the two includes a previous rift that allegedly prompted 21 Savage to intervene and urge Akademiks to resolve the dispute with his "No Heart" collaborator.

As the social media feud unfolds, fans are left wondering whether this clash will escalate further or if it will end in a truce, echoing past attempts to quell the tension between these two prominent figures in the music and media industry.

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