NLE Choppa Shows No Mercy in 'Shotta Flow 7' Saying "Wanna F*ck Kim K And Make Kanye Watch | WhatsOnRa

NLE Choppa Throws Shade at Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

NLE Choppa's 'Shotta Flow 7' Wraps Up Series with Witty Bars and Unexpected Shots in Memorable Style.

In 2023, NLE Choppa's journey has been nothing short of eventful. The Memphis rapper, known for his quirky persona in the hip-hop scene, continues to surprise fans with his unpredictable moves. His recent rendition of Nelly's classic hit "IT'S GETTING HOT" generated considerable buzz, showcasing his versatility.

Beyond the music realm, Choppa has sparked online discussions with some unconventional actions. In August, he stirred curiosity by sharing an unsolicited feet picture on Instagram. In October, concerns about his safety arose when he seemingly "disappeared" to his hometown for a music video shoot. It's been a rollercoaster of a year for the 21-year-old artist, and this latest track serves as a fitting conclusion to an unforgettable chapter.

NLE Choppa is bidding farewell to his acclaimed "Shotta Flow" series with the seventh installment. The track, featuring production credits from Tay Keith, stands out for its humorous and witty bars. 

The first verse kicks off with an unexpected jab at Chrisean Rock, injecting a comedic element with the line, "I was missin' the action like Chrisean tooth." However, the surprises don't end there, as another notable line declares, "Wanna f*** Kim K and make Kanye watch." To add to the humor, there's a closing gem, "Back leg loose like a n**** had to poot." 

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