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Kid Cudi Faces Setback as Collaboration with Juice WRLD Gets Excluded from Upcoming Album

Kid Cudi Faces Setback as Juice WRLD Collab Excluded from Album

Kid Cudi is navigating challenges on the road to his album release, and this time, it involves his anticipated collaboration with Juice WRLD.

In a recent Twitter post on Friday (January 5), the Cleveland native announced that the track, INSANO, slated for release on January 12, will no longer feature the late rapper.

Cudi expressed his disappointment, stating, "Hey gang, so I never heard back from Juice team. They said we could use it on my album and they would use it on his, but his team went ghost when we reached out, and it's been months, so it won't be on the deluxe. I tried but, you know, whatever [shrugging emoji] not me."

However, in the early hours of Saturday (January 6), Cudi shared a screenshot of a now-deleted Instagram Story from Peter Jideonwo, Juice's former manager still involved with the artist's estate. 

In the post, Jideonwo explained, "The song is cleared for @kidcudi, but since it's on the party never ends, it can't come out until the release. It can be added to his album after that happens since his album has to come out now. No one is ignoring or not responding to him. He knows this information, and that's the deal."

"The Party Never Ends" is the title of Juice WRLD's upcoming final posthumous album, which his team has discussed since the middle of 2021. The release date for this album is yet to be announced.

Cudi responded to this new information on Twitter, stating, "First time hearing this. Never was told it can't come out until his album does. That's cool, though. We have answers. Power of a tweet."

This week, Kid Cudi revealed an extensive list of producers contributing to his upcoming project, INSANO, with notable names such as Mike Zombie, FnZ, Dot Da Genius, and BNYX. The latter received praise from Cudi, who recently singled out BNYX as his favorite producer from the current generation. 

The intricate collaboration and combination of talents hint at a promising and diverse musical journey for listeners eagerly anticipating Kid Cudi's upcoming album.

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