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Math Hoffa Disagrees with Dr. Umar on Eminem's Rap Legacy

In a recent interview with DJ VLAD, Math Hoffa, acclaimed battle rapper and host of the My Expert Opinion podcast, addressed Dr. Umar's assertion that Eminem cannot be considered one of the greatest rappers due to his non-black identity.

Disagreeing with Dr. Umar's viewpoint, Math Hoffa drew parallels to sports icons like Tiger Woods, questioning whether the origins of basketball and golf being attributed to black people meant these sports should only be for black individuals. He emphasized the importance of respecting diverse beliefs while highlighting the subjectivity of opinions.

“I disagree to Dr. Umar. Did black people invent basketball? or Golf? Tiger Woods? And you know, when he said that, that’s the first person I thought about. There is Tiger Woods and nobody seems to have a problem with his status so why would we? Dr. Umar, I respect him, but I just think that sometimes his beliefs are his beliefs. I might believe that the moon is really made made of mayonnaise but I shouldn’t go around telling everybody that. You know what I’m saying? I should just keep it to myself. All right. This ain’t a popular opinion and he’s not scared to say it but just the way Joe kind of turn down the volume on those statements, nobody is running with that.”

Comparing personal beliefs to the unconventional idea that the moon is made of mayonnaise, Math suggested that not all opinions need to be expressed publicly. He acknowledged Dr. Umar's fearlessness in stating his opinions but pointed out that public response to such statements often varies.

The conversation took an unexpected turn when DJ VLAD brought up Dr. Umar's accusations against him, blaming him for not contributing to building schools and hospitals. Math Hoffa promptly distanced himself from the topic, expressing discomfort with being used to target Dr. Umar. Instead, he redirected the focus to Eminem's significant influence on his podcast, My Expert Opinion.
Highlighting Eminem's role in popularizing the podcast, Math Hoffa shared a pivotal moment when the rapper endorsed the show on Crooked I's podcast. Eminem expressed admiration for My Expert Opinion, emphasizing its importance in showcasing lyricism. This endorsement significantly boosted the podcast's visibility, leading to increased viewership.

While leaving the "Greatest of All Time" (GOAT) argument to the fans and list-makers, Math Hoffa revealed Eminem's undeniable presence in his personal top 5. He attributed this not only to Eminem's lyrical prowess but also to the rapper's instrumental role in elevating the podcast's standing within the hip-hop community.

In this candid interview, Math Hoffa provided insights into his disagreement with Dr. Umar, defended his stance on personal beliefs, and underscored Eminem's impact on his podcast's success, separating himself from unrelated controversies.

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