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NAS, LL COOL J & QUESTLOVE Face Backlash for Neglecting Female Rap Leaders in Hip Hop 50 Events 

MC Debbie D's Open Letter: Advocating for Inclusion of Female Pioneers in Hip-Hop 50 Celebrations
In the wake of last year's grand celebrations marking the 50th Anniversary of rap music, where legends from the genre's rich history converged for various events, including live performances and written tributes, a critical voice has emerged. MC Debbie D, self-identified as the first solo female rapper, took to Twitter with an open letter directed at influential figures such as LL Cool J, Questlove, Nas, and the organizers of Hip-Hop 50 events, questioning the absence of pioneering women in the narrative.

MC Debbie D started her letter with a commendation for the conceptual achievements of Hip-Hop 50. She acknowledged the grandeur of the Grammy Awards and Yankee Stadium events as beautiful celebrations commemorating 50 years of hip hop. 
However, she expressed disappointment in the omission of female pioneers from both performances and acknowledgments. She suggested that such exclusions might contribute to erasing the significant contributions of women from the genre's history, attributing it to either a lack of knowledge or the prevalence of revisionist history.

Open Letter from MC Debbie D to Rap 50 and LL COOL J

The open letter delved further into the critique, pointing out the absence of female pioneers from ticker tapes or roll calls during the events. MC Debbie D cited the Grammy Awards as a prime example, acknowledging the admirable performances of MC Sha Rock and Roxanne Shante but emphasizing a notable 7-year time span between them. As a self-proclaimed Hip Hop Historian and Flyerologist, MC Debbie D presented a list of early women in hip-hop, advocating for their inclusion in discussions about pioneers.

The letter concluded with a poignant statement, acknowledging the recognition and celebration of women in hip hop today during Hip Hop 50. MC Debbie D emphasized the importance of remembering the names of the women who paved the way, encouraging a stance on the right side of history. The call for inclusivity in commemorating the genre's history echoes the broader conversation about representation and recognition within the hip-hop community.

As Hip Hop 50 unfolds, MC Debbie D's open letter serves as a reminder of the need to acknowledge and honor the diverse contributions of female pioneers who played a crucial role in shaping the cultural landscape of hip-hop.

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