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Benzino's Diss Track Revelation: Solo Effort or Teamwork?

In the recent flare-up of their longstanding feud, Eminem threw verbal punches at Benzino in his latest track, "Doomsday Pt. 2." The song took aim at various aspects, including implications about Benzino's se*uality and mocking physical features like his neck. 

Unsurprisingly, Benzino swiftly fired back with his own diss track, "Vulturius," reigniting the flames of their ongoing beef. However, the drama didn't end there, as Benzino escalated the exchange by dropping yet another diss track, titled "Rap Elvis," in which he accuses Eminem of being a culture vulture.

As the debate rages on regarding who emerged victorious in this lyrical battle, Benzino recently took to Instagram Live to share some insights. 

Initially, Benzino first denied having a ghostwriter for his Eminem diss verse, asserting that he independently crafted the lyrics. 

However, in a surprising turn of events, he later made a candid revelation, acknowledging that he did receive assistance in crafting the diss tracks. This admission added an unexpected twist to the narrative, challenging the initial claim of a solo lyrical endeavor.

I was in the studio with some guys, and they were passing me lines.

- Benzino

Benzino Shuts Down Ghostwriting Rumors:

While some might question the move, Benzino argued that collaborative efforts are prevalent in the music industry, even citing Eminem's collaborations with artists like Royce. For Benzino, the crucial factor is the effective delivery of the lines.

This admission sheds light on the collaborative nature of music creation, challenging the notion of a sole lyrical genius. Benzino emphasized the significance of thorough research over the years, implying that his lyrics are backed by substantial knowledge and insight.

As the rap community continues to dissect the disses and counter-disses exchanged between Eminem and Benzino, it remains clear that this feud is far from over. 

The acknowledgment of external input in crafting diss tracks adds an interesting layer to the dynamics of rap battles, questioning the traditional image of a lone artist crafting every word independently.

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