Druski Says He's Not Attending Super Bowl LIX In New Orleans, Citing Desire to Avoid Birdman Run-In: “He got hittas everywhere.”

Druski Is Not Going To Super Bowl 2025 in New Orleans to Steer Clear of Birdman Encounter

Druski's Decision: Skipping Super Bowl Due to Birdman Encounter
Druski, the multifaceted comedian and rapper, has stirred up quite a buzz recently, with reports surfacing about his decision to skip the 2025 Super Bowl in New Orleans. The reason? None other than Birdman, the iconic figure from Cash Money Records, seems to be at the center of it all.

In a candid interview with Million Dollaz Worth of Game, Druski openly discussed his reservations about heading to New Orleans, Birdman's hometown, for the upcoming Super Bowl festivities. 

Nah, I ain’t going to New Orleans. They got [NBA] YoungBoy, they got Stunna. That’s a city I probably won’t attend.

- Druski

He remarked, hinting at the underlying tension. The comedian further elaborated on his concerns, revealing his decision to forgo Coulda Been Records auditions in the city. Even with the option of beefing up security, Druski expressed doubts, suggesting that the environment might not be conducive to his safety.
Even if I hired security down there, they ain’t working with us! They gonna do whatever they need to get that brother through the door.

- Druski

Druski Says He Is Not Going Super Bowl LIX in New Orleans to Avoid Confrontation with Birdman:

Druski's remarks didn't stop there. Delving into the dynamics between himself and Birdman, he highlighted the perceived threat posed by the Cash Money boss and his associates. 

You ain’t seen him with his shirt off? He 63 but he cop diesel

- Druski

Druski quipped, referencing Birdman's recent social media posts.

The tension between Druski and Birdman isn't new. Speculation has been rife about a rift between the two stemming from Druski's alleged use of Cash Money's logo for his Coulda Been Records. Birdman's public confrontation on Instagram Live further fueled the rumors, with the music mogul expressing his displeasure and questioning Druski's motives.

Despite attempts to diffuse the situation, including a public apology from Druski, tensions continued to simmer. Reports even emerged of a purported confrontation between Druski and Birdman, captured on security camera footage.

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