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Icewear Vezzo Sets the Record Straight After Benzino's Eminem Diss Track

Icewear Vezzo Shuts Down Benzino's Eminem Diss with Detroit Loyalty
Benzino's recent Eminem diss track, "Rap Elvis," sparked controversy in the hip-hop community. However, Icewear Vezzo, who was mentioned in the song, quickly responded to clarify his stance and address the inaccuracies.

Benzino's "Rap Elvis" created a buzz, with many questioning the authenticity of the track and speculating about the use of a ghostwriter. Icewear Vezzo, a Detroit native, found himself dragged into the diss when Benzino referenced him in the lyrics, suggesting that Vezzo had criticized Eminem for not showing enough love to the city.

Contrary to Benzino's claim, Icewear Vezzo had previously resolved any issues with Eminem after a backstage meeting during 50 Cent's Final Lap Tour in Detroit. Icewear clarified in multiple interviews that he respects Eminem as one of the greatest rappers and appreciates his contributions to the rap scene.

Shortly after the release of "Rap Elvis," Icewear Vezzo took to Instagram to set the record straight. He expressed his disagreement with Benzino's portrayal of him, emphasizing that he doesn't align with the sentiments expressed in the diss track. 

“I don’t think it makes sense that you brought me up in your diss song for the few reasons. Number one being I don’t second anything you said. And number two being, I’m never going to go against ni–a from my city for a ni–a for another city. I don’t move like that. I think you got the wrong impression of Detroit, Michigan and of who I am. I don’t work like that. Plus, I don’t disrespect or discredit who Eminem is. I’m real ni–a. What he did might never be done again. He’s top 5 lyricist dead or alive. Flat out. That s–t is not even arguable or debatable. He put ni–as from his era. I be speaking about my era.”

- Icewear Vezzo

Icewear Vezzo Responds to Benzino Mention, Declares Eminem Top 5 Lyricist Dead or Alive:

Icewear made it clear that he would never go against a fellow Detroit artist for someone from another city, asserting his loyalty to his hometown.

In his response, Icewear Vezzo highlighted the misconception about Detroit and his principles, emphasizing that he doesn't engage in disrespecting or discrediting artists like Eminem. He unequivocally praised Eminem as a top-tier lyricist, asserting his belief that Eminem's achievements may never be replicated.

Icewear Vezzo's swift response to Benzino's diss track not only clarified his position but also showcased his unwavering support for Eminem and loyalty to Detroit. The incident adds another layer to the complex dynamics of hip-hop beef, emphasizing the importance of accurate representation and understanding within the community.

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