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Benzino Accuses Royce 5’9” of Ghostwriting for Eminem: Royce Responds

Benzino Accuses Royce 5’9” of Ghostwriting for Eminem Amidst Controversy
Benzino has ignited a storm of controversy by alleging that he had assistance in crafting his Eminem diss track, yet maintains that he delivered it with prowess. He also raised eyebrows by suggesting that Royce 5’9” occasionally provided ghostwriting services for Eminem.

In a recently surfaced video clip, Benzino remarked:

People ask if somebody else wrote it. Look, I was in the studio, and I was writing and they was passing me lines and it was just, yeah, you got the team. It’s alright. I’m sure Eminem is also in the studio with Royce and Royce gives him lines. All the amazing lyricists that he has been around, you don’t think they gave him a line or two? It’s hip-hop. It’s okay! Bottom line was, I spit it and the bottom line was, I killed it. And bottom line was, a lot of stuff I’ve been researching for years, as far as the stuff that’s in it. Yeah, of course I wrote that.

- Benzino

Royce swiftly responded to the allegations on Diverse Mentality‘s Instagram post, stating:
I’m trying to figure out why my name always finds its way into THIS conversation… You're getting sidetracked, Champ. Focus on the task at hand. I understand you’re stirring the pot right now, so your mind may be all over the place. I get it, and I ain’t mad at you. Let me just clear up a couple of things… FIRST: You said 'I’m sure when Em is in the studio ROYCE gives him a line here and there.' Incorrect. THAT NEVER HAPPENED... Not once... But to each their own…

- Royce 5’9”

He went on to clarify:
SECOND, I’m not lounging around 'counting my money' all day, nor am I keeping tabs on what’s trending... Do I look like I’m trying to buddy up with rappers half my age? Hanging out with them at parties and such... Man.. I despise what this Culture does to our elders… Smh… Supporting this guy knowing he shouldn’t be this thrilled about this. He helped establish the Source … Let him tarnish the rest of his legacy without me, my brother… I’m good…

- Royce 5’9”

Royce 5’9” Fires Back Following Benzino’s Allegation of Ghostwriting for Eminem:

Despite Royce's firm rebuttal, Benzino persisted with his accusations. He claimed to possess insider information regarding Royce ghostwriting for Eminem and threatened to expose it. Benzino took to Instagram, asserting:

I just received word from an insider in Skittles' camp that his boot shiner Royce has written many tracks for him. His name even appears on the songs he wrote. He’s been collecting royalties from them. That’s how he sustains himself.


Continuing in another post, he declared:
I finally obtained the evidence I needed. A source from their inner circle just confirmed it. Royce has ghostwritten for your rap god Eminem. Neither of them have responded, and when they do, I’ll not only release more diss tracks but also unveil the evidence I possess. So stay tuned, hip-hop; things are about to get wild.


These bold claims have set the hip-hop community abuzz, leaving fans eagerly awaiting any potential responses from Eminem or Royce 5’9”.

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