Travis Scott Calls Out Grammys During Performance After Being Snubbed 10 Times: "They Slept on Me 10 Times!" | WhatsOnRap

Travis Scott's Fiery Performance Addresses Grammy Snub After 10 Nominations

Travis Scott's Grammy Performance Sparks Controversy Over 10-Time Snub
Travis Scott made a bold statement at the 2024 Grammys with a fiery performance, emphasizing his 10 Grammy nominations without a win. The rapper, delivered a medley of tracks from his latest album, UTOPIA, during the awards ceremony on Sunday (February 4). In a passionate rendition of "FE!N" alongside Playboi Carti, he ad-libbed the line, "They slept on me 10 times," highlighting his past nominations.

Travis Said “They Slept on me 10 Times!” While Performing at The Grammys:

Despite the electrifying performance, Scott's frustration became apparent as he concluded his set by smashing folding chairs on the stage. 

The motive behind this act remains unclear, leaving fans to speculate whether it was an expression of his dissatisfaction or merely part of his energetic stage presence.

Travis Scott's only nomination at this year's Grammys was for Best Rap Album, with UTOPIA competing against strong contenders like Nas' "King's Disease III," Metro Boomin's "Heroes & Villains," Drake and 21 Savage's collaborative project "Her Loss," and the eventual winner, Killer Mike's "Michael."

Following the announcement of the Best Rap Album winner, Scott hinted at his discontent by posting a raised eyebrow emoji on X (formerly Twitter).

This marks Scott's second nomination in the Best Rap Album category. In 2019, he was nominated for "Astroworld," but Cardi B took home the award for "Invasion of Privacy." Scott also received two other nominations that year for his hit single "Sicko Mode," in the categories of Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song.

While the Grammys have been a platform to recognize musical achievements, Scott's repeated nominations without a win have stirred conversation about the nuances and subjectivity within the awards process. Despite the accolades, artists like Scott continue to navigate their paths in the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop.

The dynamic artist has become known not only for his music but also for his visually stunning performances, often pushing boundaries and challenging expectations within the industry.

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