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Chrisean Rock Alleges Wack 100 Sent Goons to Rob Blueface's Home

Chrisean Rock Accuses Wack 100 of Orchestrating Blueface Home Invasion Drama
Chrisean Rock and Wack 100's tumultuous relationship is once again in the spotlight, adding fuel to the ongoing drama surrounding Blueface and his associates. As the manager of the "Thotiana" rapper, Wack 100 frequently shares his unfiltered opinions about Chrisean Rock, Blueface's mother, leading to escalating tensions between the parties involved.

Despite any disapproval from Wack 100, Chrisean has reaffirmed her commitment to Blueface, especially evident in her recent announcement of moving back into his California residence. However, Wack 100 wasted no time in expressing his skepticism and discomfort about Chrisean's return to the household, emphasizing that it is also his domain.


- Wack 100

Chrisean Rock Accuses Wack 100 Of Setting Up Blueface's Home Robbery:

Amidst these developments, a concerning incident occurred outside Blueface's home involving his father, who was reportedly held at gunpoint by intruders. The attempted break-in left the family shaken, raising suspicions about the motivations behind the incident.

In a candid Instagram Live session, Chrisean Rock pointed fingers at Wack 100, insinuating his involvement in the unsettling event. She questioned Wack 100's public commentary on the break-in, suggesting that his remarks hinted at a deeper connection to the incident. 

With a tone of accusation, Chrisean confronted Wack 100, implying that he may have orchestrated the intrusion to intimidate her and discourage her from residing in Blueface's residence.

The allegations made by Chrisean Rock underscore the complex dynamics and power struggles within Blueface's inner circle, fueling speculation and intrigue among fans and followers of the hip-hop scene. 

As tensions continue to mount, it remains to be seen how Blueface, Chrisean, Wack 100, and others involved will navigate through the turmoil and maintain their respective positions within the industry.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges and risks associated with fame and fortune in the rap world, where personal relationships and professional interests often intersect in unpredictable and sometimes dangerous ways.

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