Offset Says Migos is The 2nd Greatest Hip Hop Group of All Time, Ranks Migos Ahead of Wu-Tang Clan, N.W.A, And Outkast

Offset Ranks Migos as Second Greatest Hip-Hop Group, Placing Them Above Wu-Tang Clan, N.W.A, and Outkast

Offset Ranks Migos Second in Greatest Rap Groups Debate, Acknowledges OutKast's Influence
In a recent episode of Club Shay Shay, Offset, one-third of the renowned rap trio Migos, discussed where he believes his group stands among the greatest rap groups of all time.

When asked by host Shannon Sharpe about Migos' position among Atlanta rap groups, Offset acknowledged the significance of OutKast, placing them at the top spot. He recognized OutKast's pioneering role in opening doors for Southern hip-hop when it wasn't widely accepted.
If I do just Atlanta, I’d give us two ‘cause you gotta respect OutKast. They kicked the door down for us down south. I mean, when it was a time where we weren’t even accepted.

- Offset

Expanding the discussion to include rap groups nationwide, Offset maintained Migos' position at number two, with OutKast still holding the top spot. He then ranked Wu-Tang Clan at number three and The Lox at number four.

Now, if we go all the way, I’m still going to stay at two ‘cause I’m going to put OutKast first, I’ma put us two, I’ma put Wu-Tang [three]

- Offset

Offset Puts Migos Above Wu-Tang Clan & Others In Greatest Rap Group:

Sharpe expressed surprise that Offset didn't include N.W.A in his rankings, given their groundbreaking impact on the genre. While Offset acknowledged N.W.A's influence, he attributed his limited knowledge of the group to his youth. However, he emphasized the importance of paying respects to those who paved the way for artists like himself.

Aside from discussing rap rankings, Offset also shared fashion advice with Sharpe, suggesting that the NFL legend should reconsider his choice of tight pants. Despite Offset's insistence, Sharpe remained steadfast in his fashion choices, asserting his comfort and personal style.

Offset's remarks on Club Shay Shay shed light on Migos' perspective on their place in hip-hop history. While recognizing the trailblazing contributions of groups like OutKast and Wu-Tang Clan, Offset stands firm in his belief that Migos deserves a prominent position among the rap elite.

The conversation underscores the ongoing debate within the hip-hop community about the greatest rap groups of all time. With Migos continuing to make waves in the industry, their legacy and impact are sure to be subjects of discussion for years to come.

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