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Chris Brown's Quavo Diss Track Leaves DJ Akademiks & Adin Ross Speechless

DJ Akademiks & Adin Ross React to Chris Brown's Diss Track Targeting Quavo
DJ Akademiks and Adin Ross recently took to social media to share their reactions to Chris Brown's latest diss track targeting Quavo. The fiery bars in Brown's song left both influencers stunned.

As the music played, Akademiks was visibly moved, rising from his seat with a resounding  "This is hip-hop! Yes!" Ross, meanwhile, found himself speechless upon hearing the song.

Watch: Akademiks Reacts To Chris Brown's Diss Track

Watch: Adin Ross' Reaction To Chris Brown's Quavo Diss Track

Brown's diss track is filled with disrespectful lyrics aimed at Quavo. In one verse, he boldly raps about Quavo being the weakest link in his group and boasts about his own actions involving Quavo's ex-girlfriend. The lyrics also include a reference to the late Migos rapper Takeoff, with Brown suggesting that some people would have preferred Quavo's demise instead.

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Quavo responded to the diss indirectly by sharing a meme of Young Thug on his Instagram Story, seemingly indicating his thoughts on the situation.

The track has sparked widespread discussion and debate within the hip-hop community, with fans and fellow artists weighing in on the feud between Brown and Quavo. Brown's bold and confrontational approach in the song has certainly intensified the ongoing beef between the two musicians.

As the diss track continues to make waves online, it remains to be seen how Quavo will officially respond to Brown's lyrical attacks. Meanwhile, DJ Akademiks and Adin Ross' reactions offer insight into the impact of Brown's music within the hip-hop community.

Overall, Brown's diss track has added fuel to the fire in the ongoing feud between him and Quavo, stirring up excitement and anticipation among fans of both artists.

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