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Remembering DMX: Ruff Ryders Visit Gravesite on 3rd Anniversary

Ruff Ryders Pay Tribute to DMX on 3rd Anniversary of His Passing with Cemetery Visit
DMX's legacy continues to reverberate throughout the hip-hop world three years after his tragic passing. On the third anniversary of his death, which fell on Tuesday, April 9, members of the Ruff Ryders paid homage to the iconic rapper by visiting his final resting place at Oakland Cemetery in Yonkers.

With motorbikes and buggies surrounding DMX's gravesite, the Ruff Ryders gathered to commemorate his life and contributions to the music industry. Captured in a video from the visit, one member of the crew expressed, "You already know what time it is. Got the whole pack out here, ya heard? Rest in peace, DMX."
Reflecting on DMX's enduring impact, attendees highlighted his authenticity and unwavering commitment to staying true to himself throughout his career. "Let’s give it to X because he stayed true to himself and he never sold out," remarked one individual. "He kept it real till the casket dropped, y’know what I’m saying? You don’t get real cats like that, that represent from the beginning to the end."

Ruff Ryders Pay Tribute to DMX on 3rd Anniversary of His Passing:

The visit to DMX's gravesite comes a year after the Ruff Ryders organized a "Ryde Out" event in remembrance of the rapper on the second anniversary of his passing.

DMX, born Earl Simmons, tragically succumbed to a cocaine-induced heart attack in April 2021. Following a reported drug overdose, he was rushed to a hospital in White Plains, New York, where he was placed on life support before passing away seven days later. His death served as a somber reminder of the struggles he faced with substance abuse throughout his life.

During his memorial service at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, close friend and collaborator Swizz Beatz lamented the lack of support shown to DMX during his lifetime. Despite the outpouring of love and appreciation after his passing, Swizz Beatz emphasized the importance of celebrating artists like DMX while they are still alive.

As the hip-hop community continues to mourn the loss of DMX, his music and legacy remain timeless, serving as a beacon of authenticity and resilience for generations to come.

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