Fat Joe Claims Chris Brown Is the Tupac of 2024, Suggests End of Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar Feud

Fat Joe Dubs Chris Brown the "Tupac of 2024" Weighs in on Drake and Kendrick Lamar's Rap Battle Status

Fat Joe Compares Chris Brown to Tupac, Declares Drake-Kendrick Beef Over
Fat Joe recently sparked controversy by likening Chris Brown to the legendary Tupac Shakur after the singer's intense attack on Quavo in "Weakest Link."

During an Instagram Live session on Thursday (April 25), Fat Joe boldly proclaimed:
Of course, the 2Pac of 2024 has to be Chris Brown. Chris Brown is considered an alien. If you playing basketball, he’ll bust your ass. If you sing against him, he sing better, he dance better. If he gotta rap, he raps. Like, that’s battle rap. Chris Brown, that’s the one I been listening to.

- Fat Joe

However, Fat Joe didn't stop there. He also weighed in on the ongoing feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. 

In his opinion, Kendrick Lamar's delayed response to Drake's diss tracks "Push Ups" and "Taylor Made Freestyle" indicates that the battle between them is now a thing of the past. He expressed during the live session:
I don't think Kendrick's cooking up. It doesn't take three to four weeks to... I think that's over.

- Fat Joe

Fat Joe Declares Drake and Kendrick Lamar Battle Over, Praises Chris Brown as Tupac Of 2024

Regarding Drake's use of an AI-generated or assisted version of Tupac's voice on "Taylor Made Freestyle," Fat Joe found it "creative" and acknowledged that it was "pushing the envelope." However, he remained neutral in hip-hop's ongoing conflicts and advocated for peace among artists.
Fat Joe's comments reflect his extensive experience in the rap industry, where beefs and rivalries often dominate headlines. Despite his opinions on the Drake-Kendrick feud and Chris Brown's talent, Fat Joe emphasized the importance of unity within the hip-hop community.

As the rap world continues to evolve and new conflicts arise, it remains to be seen how artists will navigate their differences and whether peace will prevail in the end. Regardless, Fat Joe's insights shed light on the complex dynamics of the industry and the ever-changing landscape of hip-hop.

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